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Media + Applause

Our products have been included in the Academy Award + Emmy swag bags as well as featured in American Salon, The Piedmont Virginian + Flavor magazines.

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Applause for Bumble & Co:

I swear I was just touched by an angel!! I used my Herbal Shave Soap for the first time and I will say every man should be so lucky. The shea butter made the lather thick but the razor glide smooth. ……The lavender oil is still lingering providing soothing aromatherapy for that commute to work. Julie…I’ve used foams, gels, soaps & powders and never had the shave I just had. THANK YOU!! You really have something special.

-Ralph H.

I’ve been shaving with a blade and soap for over fifty years and this is by far the best soap. I’m buying some for my son-in-law. Thank you.

-Jay M.

I took a chance on these products and let me tell you, it couldn’t have been a better experience! I got a large package just to try the products out and I have waited to leave a review so I could try each and every one. I am über happy with everything I received! The facial toner and face balm are my 2 favs.The smell of the toner and the consistency of the face balm is spot on! They both leave your face feeling revitalized and the balm is not too heavy, it soaks right in for a nice smooth feel. The shave soap is great also. I’m a guy who shaves his head and most of my face and it works wonderfully. It has a nice smooth cushion that the razor slides right over. I followed that up with her aftershave and I have had great results! Julie is a joy to buy from and she adds a personal touch you can’t get from a store. Give it a try!

-Kody S.

My husband loves this aftershave balm. He has sensitive skin and is a basketball referee, so during the season his skin gets irritated from shaving daily for games. This aftershave balm is the first that he’s found to leave his skin moisturized and prevent razor irritation.

-Aimee L.

Julie has done a fantastic job with this shave soap!!! Great scent that imparts a cooling feeling that stays with you. Talk about lather! This shave soap lathers up with a shaving brush into a nice thick creamy consistency, provides a nice glide for your Double edge safety razor and or straight razor (I use both). I have a half dozen shave soaps that I use and keep reaching for this one, definitely keeping this one in the shave soap rotation. Packaging! Presentation is outstanding, you can tell a lot of time and thought go into Julie’s products. Bottom line: Good stuff!

-Chris T.

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