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Our Story

bumble & co. | est. 2013

MEN…..you deserve grooming goods that are naturally derived + crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The products from Bumble & Company are formulated with only you in mind.

This company was born out of a deep love of nature and all its wonders. We have designed a range of botanically-infused products for men to soothe, nourish, pamper and protect. Slow crafted by hand in micro batches, using minimal preservatives and utilizing the finest natural and organic plant extracts, oils + butters.

 Nourished Skin is Healthy, Handsome Skin.

Nature has the answers. It provides skin-loving botanicals containing powerful properties to gently + effectively care for the skin. We carefully hand-select ingredients that protect the skin from the ravages of time and the elements. The results are pure + effective formulations never tested on animals and always free of parabens, sulfates, artificial colors + fragrances.

Care for Your Skin. Care for the Planet.

We are mindful of the impact we have on the environment and strive to avoid unnecessary packaging. We use glass jars + bottles and paper packaging which can live beyond their initial use. 

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julie diers | creator 

My studio is nestled just outside a picturesque village in the heart of New England. I enjoy the quiet solitude offered by living and working surrounded by nature in all its magnificent glory. Here I have found the peace + tranquility necessary for my creativity to thrive. Natural beauty is all around us. My passion + respect for this beauty and its endless possibilities to heal, nourish, restore + protect is reflected in each product from Bumble & Company. Always intrigued by the positive effects of using oils and extracts derived from nature, I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could about using them to gently + naturally care for my own skin. By combining my love + knowledge of botanicals and the benefits of botanically-based skin care with the belief in surrounding ourselves with a space of serenity and healing, I founded Bumble & Company – a line of naturally derived artisanal skincare products, effective in feeding the skin and nourishing the soul.

Welcome to Bumble & Co.  It delights me to bring you my line of men’s botanical skin care.

Go forth and be insanely handsome.


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  1. I received the shave ensemble recently…what a difference from traditional creams or gels! I have very rough skin and it is difficult to get a close shave, but this had zero problems with comfort and no dry skin after. I highly recommend giving this a go…it is the real deal barber whip shave you are looking to get at home. It will become your new routine; you will not regret it!


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