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Patchouli + Lavender Goat Milk Body Soap


Pure, clean and natural…this skin-loving soap is made with goats milk + oatmeal to cleanse, soothe and gently exfoliate. Perfect for all skin types with no toxic chemicals used in processing.


Pure, clean + natural…our handcrafted body soap is made with goat milk + oatmeal to cleanse, exfoliate + soften the skin. Perfect for all skin types, with no toxic chemicals used in processing. Those with allergies often find they can use this bar on their sensitive skin. Enriched with  all-natural, skin softening oils + natural glycerin; the most important ingredient that commercial soap manufacturers take out. Each micro-batch of soap is hand poured then cured 4 weeks, creating the perfect gentle, creamy body bar.

Goat Milk Soap Ingredients | All Natural

Purified water, olive oil, sustainable palm oil, rice bran oil, goat milk, ground oats, essential oils of patchouli + lavender, lavender powder.

6 oz | patchouli + lavender | contained in a recycled clam shell box

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Lavender, Lavender + Patchouli

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